It’s pickleball, but it’s not just pickleball.

About Wolverine Pickleball

Wolverine Pickleball is the fastest growing pickleball community in the Midwest! Whether you want to learn the game, play with players at your skill level, or practice with nationally renowned pros, Wolverine Pickleball provides all the opportunities you’re seeking to enjoy the game. Not only is our community welcoming and fun-loving but we also foster an environment of mutual respect. You do not need to be a member of Wolverine Pickleball to play at the facility; however, members of Wolverine Pickleball enjoy special benefits that include advance notice of events, advanced skills classes, and more. It’s easy to get started, just click on the “Register to Play” link, create a profile, and you’ll have access to our full calendar of events.

Our passion is to create a space where people feel seen and welcomed, where they can have fun and engage in the health and social benefits that pickleball offers while connecting to a vibrant community.

Christy Howden and Leslie White, Wolverine Pickleball Co-Founders


Wolverine Pickleball offers 8 indoor pickleball courts and a pro shop in a converted 17,500 sq. ft. warehouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan, an hour west of Detroit. Ventilation systems and large, floor-to-ceiling garage doors provide plenty of air circulation. In 2023, we broke ground on a new facility, and with that, take our community to the next level. Wolverine Pickleball will be on the leading edge of the entertainment/dining trend, with innovative food and drink offerings and additional outdoor activities. To be in the know of our progress and our active community, sign up for our newsletter here.

Our Founders

Take two dynamo women with experience in business and a love of pickleball and you have the winning formula behind Wolverine Pickleball. Christy Howden and Leslie White met through their volleyball-playing daughters, and the connection was instant. “What if we created a place to play pickleball that included all the things we are missing when we play?” they asked. The idea lit a spark and that spark turned into Wolverine Pickleball. Friendship founded Wolverine Pickleball and continues to form the foundation for its community of players, members and fans.

235 Metty Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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