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Greetings from Wolverine Pickleball!

Wolverine Pickleball welcomes players of all skill levels to join our community of pickleball enthusiasts. We play pickleball, yes, but it’s not just pickleball. Our approach is personal. We make sure that each player is matched to their level of play, that every visitor has a positive experience, that our members are comprised of people who care about everyone having a great time. Whether you
are a core player honing your skills, a casual player seeking social play, or a newbie learning the game, you have a home at Wolverine Pickleball.

Wolverine Pickleball is the fastest growing pickleball destination in Southeast Michigan. We invite you with open arms and paddles to visit us and learn why.

Facility and Location

Wolverine Pickleball is currently housed in a converted 8,600 sq. ft. warehouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan, an hour west of Detroit. Our facility includes four indoor pickleball courts with tennis-grade surfaces, two ping pong tables and a pro shop. Large, floor-to-ceiling garage doors provide plenty of air circulation, and our ventilation systems add to that efficiency. We maintain an environment that is as healthy and safe as possible.

In 2022, we will break ground on a new facility, and with that, take our community to the next level. Wolverine Pickleball will be on the leading edge of the entertainment/dining trend, with innovative food and drink offerings and additional outdoor activities. To be in the know of our progress and our active community, sign up for our newsletter below.


We are Leslie and Christy, and we are so hooked on pickleball that we opened our own pickleball facility, adopting the beloved Michigan wolverine as our namesake. But that’s only part of the story.

Our daughters played volleyball together, and our friendship bloomed amid endless hours of cheering our kids on to volleyball victory. We decided to start our sporting careers when our daughters left for college.

However, pickleball enthusiasm soon turned to pickleball frustration as we searched for round-robin tournaments, mixers, ladder leagues and clinics to hone our skills. We saw an opportunity, and we jumped right in, founding Wolverine Pickleball in 2019.

Our vision is to bring more opportunities to play pickleball in structured ways to Southeast Michigan. Our passion is to create a space where people feel seen and welcomed, a place where they can have fun and engage in the health and social benefits that pickleball offers while connecting to a vibrant community.