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Learn About Us

Greetings from Wolverine Pickleball!

Wolverine Pickleball welcomes players of all skill levels to join our community of pickleball enthusiasts. We play pickleball, yes, but it’s not just pickleball. Our approach is personal. We make sure that each player is matched to their level of play, that every visitor has a positive experience, and that our members are comprised of people who care about everyone having a great time. Whether you are a core player honing your skills, a casual player seeking social play, or a newbie learning the game, you have a home at Wolverine Pickleball.

Wolverine Pickleball is the fastest growing pickleball destination in the Midwest. We invite you with open arms and paddles to visit us and learn why.

Facility and Location

Wolverine Pickleball is currently housed in a converted 17,500 sq. ft. warehouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan, an hour west of Detroit. Our facility includes 8 indoor pickleball courts with tennis-grade surfaces and a pro shop. Ventilation systems and large, floor-to-ceiling garage doors provide plenty of air circulation. We maintain an environment that is healthy and safe.

In 2023, we broke ground on a new facility, and with that, take our community to the next level. Wolverine Pickleball will be on the leading edge of the entertainment/dining trend, with innovative food and drink offerings and additional outdoor activities. To be in the know of our progress and our active community, sign up for our newsletter here.


We are Leslie and Christy, and we are so hooked on pickleball that we opened our own pickleball facility, adopting the beloved Michigan wolverine from our home state as our namesake.

Christy Howden

Co-Founder + Owner

Christy is an avid pickleball player and a familiar presence throughout the Michigan pickleball community. She is a certified coach through the Professional Pickleball Registry, a USA Pickleball member and a pro member of Pickleball Coaching International. Well-versed in all tournament and league software, Christy is a respected tournament director known for running events with precision.

Christy and her husband Don live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where they raised two daughters. She holds an MBA and an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan.

Leslie White

Co-Founder + Owner

Leslie is a pickleball networker extraordinaire, connecting with pickleball community leaders throughout the Midwest. As the Central Michigan District Ambassador for USA Pickleball, she oversees 15 counties and 10 local ambassadors. She is a certified Professional Pickleball Registry coach and a pro member of Pickleball Coaching International. Both Selkirk and Tyrol, leading manufacturers of pickleball gear, sponsor Leslie. She is also a member of the elite Selkirk Amped Team and competes in local, state and national tournaments.

Leslie and her husband, Cyril, have raised three daughters in Chelsea, Michigan. An animal lover, Leslie studied Wildlife Conservation at the University of Michigan.

119 Jackson Industrial Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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